Today we got driven to school which was nice. We got there an hour early so we slept on the couches. The class finished their HK posters and then they presented them. The posters were so legit! They colour like it’s their job. One girl went home and printed out Polaroid’s of different places. I’m so impressed by this class, they’ve reached my full expectations and it’s only the third day. We had an MC and they were soooo enthusiastic, it was perfect. She had an intro for each group and a comment at the end, I couldn’t ask for a better class. The other classes are quiet and don’t participate but mine’s so perf <3 

They chose a song for the grad performance…HOEDOWN THROWDOWN YES! Merit points for all, Im so happy. They continue to make me happy. 

After class we went to the space museum which sucked. Not impressed. We baked in the sun and died of sweat. We saw the avenue of stars and it was also lame. All the stars were random asians other than Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. 

I went home and made microwave dimsum. It was delicious. I went to the common room to write letters but got distracted when Stephen, Polly and I started dancing for the people in the North Tower. One girl on the sixteenth floor hid behind the fridge to block us out but the guys on the fourteenth clapped for us and died of laughter. Omg. 

Today was fun! 

We bussed to school and I met the kids with a smile. So eager to teach these awesome kids. They all screamed good morning when I saw them. We taught the kids O Canada and they made me sing for them. It was cute, they all cheered so loud at the end. They read a passage about Canada and had to do a tableaux about it. It was majorly cute. They started posters of top ten things to do in Hong Kong. They were all so beautiful and legit. These kids colour and draw like it’s nobody’s business. They all took pictures with me and begged for facebook. They wanted to know so many personal things about my life. All in unison they shouted ” DO YOU HAVE BOYFRIEND?” and I just giggled ahah. 

I went for lunch and when I returned they had written my name and warm fuzzies all over the board. It was adorbs. I already feel a strong connection, I got some hugs, high faces, funny faces. They’re boss. 

At daycare, we did knot tying which created many bondage jokes and 50 shades references. At one point I tied my arms and legs together. They taught us monkey’s fist but no one could do it obvs. 

Afterwards Six of us went to the plaza near the daycare and went grocery shopping. I bought giant apples, pears, green tea mochi, microwave dimsum and 5 gum…I got it for 10$ Canadian…smd Canadian taxes. We went to two bakeries for dinner. I bought an egg tart, a green tea muffin, a sesame loaf, a fruit+nut loaf, a melon custard bun and a bacon bun. It was a great day. 

First day of session 2. My school is the farthest from the residence and they took away the shuttle bus so we have to go there and to daycare and back by transit. Everyone else has to pay about $7 a day but we have to pay $50 a day. Not cool, so Cheesed.
MTR and bussing to get to school takes an hour, bussing to the daycare takes an hour and a half and then bussing home takes 20 minutes.

My class is so cool, they all participate and act so alive and eager. I learnt their names before first break because they’re so social.
We did name tags, name games, provinces and some other intros to Canada.
After class we went to daycare on the long bus route :/
The daycare kids are mainlanders and they’re so rude and old. They’re 13 and pushy. My group is really great though.
We learnt first aid scouting skills and they did bandaging and wound control and how to tie an arm splint.

I went home afterwards and there was a giant meeting regarding the transportation issues. We also found out that they completely changed the itinerary so that everything we had originally was replaced by lame stuff:/
I got so mad and frustrated because they keep changing things and I had a spazz and then let out my feelings via FaceTime and then I was all good :)

This day we went to Macau. It’s a peninsula off of mainland china.
To get there we had to take a ferry. Since its going to china we needed the passports and all that jazz. We were a little late arriving so we had to rush. We had ten minutes to get everyone through customs. We needed to bring our visitors papers but some people forgot theirs and we’re delayed. They all happened to be at the end of the line so as everyone ran to catch the ferry, we sorta forgot them… Awks
The Ferry was like an airplane but comfier, the seats were giant and cushy. It took about and hour to get there. I sat beside Gillian who was seasick and fell asleep in her barf bag. Yum.
Macau is a lot like Las Vegas with all the casinos. We waited for the people we accidentally left behind and met our tour guide. She was this old lady who laughed literally like Ha Ha Ha. So strange.
First place we went was the giant golden lotus and then the grande prix museum. So many cars, so little care.
After that we went to the CN tower look alike…I forget the name awks. We looked at the view and watched people bungee jump. Cool cool.
Afterwards we got portuguese lunch and then went to a bakery and bought egg tarts and sampled everything. The bakeries have little jars of sample cookies and you walk by about eight times and pretend its your first time there and sample their shit. Almond cookies = heaven.
We went to the MGM hotel which had a butterfly thing with a dome full of butterflies. The MGM is a cray hotel for rich people and gods. As we waited to regroup, there was a debate about which pen brand is better: Muji or Zebra. Obvs Zebra lost…only Raj likes Zebra.
We went to a temple and It was so mind clearing. I bought incense and prayed like everyone else there. You light it and kneel and think of stuff to thank for and wish for and then bow three times and then put the incense in the center of this sand pit thing.
I wished my family good health and all my graduating friends luck in the future.

Again, we went to a bakery and got egg tarts and then to the remains of a church thing, I dunno I was so hot at this point I don’t remember.

Some of us stayed at a mall after and got dinner. I was introduced to something called Puccho… A Japanese candy that was fashioned by gods or rainbows or something. There’s a joke that we’re all on Puccho, or comin down from tha P… Or OP-ed (OD-ed) ahahaa puccho

I apologize for lack of details, I’ve been skimping on the posts lately so this is my summarization four days later

Saturday was a trip to Lantau Island. We took a long MTR trip to the cable cars. It’s the same one as the Disney line so I flipped omg. The cable cars were spectacular. They went across a bay and a few peaks of mountains and the view was cray. There were stairs that went from the beginning of the shore to the monastery which was a few peaks away. We saw an old lady on them and a passed out man hehe. Along the way we talked about really morbid things like serial killers and slavery and death by chocolate. Anyways, we got to the tourist area and had a vegetarian meal. They made all the food shaped like the type of meat it was mimicking, it was SO good. We separated and i went to the big Buddha. Along the way we stopped to take pictures and all that touristy stuff.
Climbing the stairs was painful but so worth it. The big Buddha is insane. The view is absolutely magical and inside is so serene. We could see the mountains, the top of clouds, and out to sea until the skyline.
There were so many wild dogs just chillin’ around. I wanted to play with them.
After Lantau we drove down by bus to Tai O, a small fishing community. The smell just hits you. The view of the sea was awesome but the smell…no.
They had fish markets lining the streets, hanging dried critters and showing off styrofoam boxes of their live catches. Some places had salted egg yolks baking in the sun, others had deceptive blow fishes hangin out.
We walked down to the pier and dipped our feet in the custy water. However, on the way we had to pass the shrimp paste makers. They took shrimp and mashed and puréed them, smeared it on a big woven tray and lay it out in the baking sun. Imagine the smell of a million shmushed up dead shrimp baking in the sun, now add the smell of custy sea water and smelly people and then multiply that by 100…. I gagged all the way there and all the way back.
We drove back and passed so many random cows on the road.
Back at the rez, I exercised and slept.

Good day all in all :) great pictures.

Pole Dancing in the empty MTR (Taken with Instagram)

I love my new class already!! (Taken with Instagram)

I usually wake everyone up but I overslept, so everyone else did too. We rushed but were successful in life woot!
The teachers who share a bus with us all had luggage so loading it on and off made us almost late.
It was the last day of session one so we rehearsed the grad presentation a million times. The kids went from quiet and awkward to loud and proud, it made me so happy when they got it.
At break the kids swarmed me and begged for pictures. Each kid has at least 2-10 pictures with me. They so cray!
I gotta say, I’ll miss them. In the last few days we got really close.
Gillian’s class got her so many presents. I was just about to say Im jealous when one of her kids gave me a gift too!! SO NICE!! They got me a sketch book from muji and the girl who got it for me left me a card with all her contact info!
My word, they all added me to fb and instagram and I even got a few emails

At daycare, Stephen and I ran karaoke. The kids sang Baby and I’m Yours. I did the rap, it was beautiful. After that was done, Stephen, Charles, and I explored this creepy spiral staircase which went to some random dark room above the stage. Charles shrieked and I shat my pants and nearly fell down the stairs. Pleasant.

I went an finally bought instant coffee. That was much needed. I also bought a mug with the Great Wall on it. Just cause.

Back at the res, Angelo and I went down to the fitness room and he wouldn’t let me leave for an hour. Im so exhausted. I did cycling, plank, pushups, a LOT of stretching and some on the spot cardio.

Tomorrow will be painful. Not looking forward to 250 stairs and hiking.

Today was too long. Woke up at six and got on the bus at 7:10. It was raining today and the kid’s do the strangest things. They took mops and made designs on the pavement. I was too tired to say anything, but by the time it was time to go inside, there were crop circles and hearts made with mops all over the grounds. 

My kids watched the clips from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where R+H steal the car and drive to Hogwarts. They had to write letters either defending the boys or trying to prosecute them. I had to make the example for the defence letter and then me and Mr. Taylor squared off in a heated argument. The kids had to choose the best in their groups to give to me and then I had to read them dramatically and win over the jury. Of course, the girls love me more, so I won. Woot! 

They had to design phone apps after that which they will present tomorrow! We worked on the graduation presentation. The kids are…quiet. They’re singing born this way by Lady Gaga and it’s really cute but they’re all so shy. 

At break, we went to the sketchy cafeteria. They made me try fish balls…they were…interesting. I ate them all but kind of regretted that decision. 

At daycare we did rotations of different activities and my station was Duck Duck Goose. I didn’t realize how much physical work it is to play it over and over again for an hour and a half especially when kids always make me goose because I’m funny and white. 

I went home after, exhausted, but discovered the work out room and did a nice 45 minute cycle. 


tomorrow: Last day at St. Paul’s and graduation. I’ll miss Todd and Melissa’s funny teacher habits. I’ll also miss my kids so much, they’re all so cute! 

So day eleven was cray! I stayed home from work because I was very sick with a cold and fever. It was eery being on the floor alone. I was woken up around 1pm by the fire alarm. I freaked out and ran down eight flights of stairs and realized there was no fire and climbed back up eight flights of stairs in my fever induced sweat. When I reached the 16th floor it turns out they were just testing the fire alarm on my floor! Ugh!! All day I read and messed with my new ukulele. And then…the storm started. Around 3 pm it started raining, by 6 there were warnings issued; level three typhoons and rainstorms. The winds picked up and Typhoon Vicente was rattling the entire building. The wind got in through the AC units and made the pipes whistle. The doors kept slamming and the building swayed. It reached a level ten typhoon in the night with hurricane speed winds. The loud gusts kept me up all night and I was shitting myself. I can gladly say I’ve survived an extreme tropical storm. One girl got hit by fruit when she was walking home to the residence. When we found out Kevin made a joke that it was Death by Durian; a spiky Asian fruit ahaha!

The mangled umbrellas of typhoon vicente (Taken with Instagram)

Sticky photos! (Taken with Instagram)


I woke up five minutes late, freaked out and then rushed to get ready. Our shuttle bus was double decker, it was so cool! On the way there there was a man on the highway taking a picture of a casual fire on the side of the road, K. We got there and it was so hot. I was moist all day. Ocean park is an amusement park/aquarium. The line up for the giant aquarium building was too long so we never ended up going. We saw the giant pandas and red pandas, the otters, the monkeys, some gold fish, the sloths, and other rainforest animals :)

The monkey was so tiny and it had a little baby on its back. The mom was the size of an orange and the baby was the size of my thumb. SO SMALL!

I went on my first upside down ride, the line was SO long. It was called Hair Raiser and it was clown themed. Ew. It was actually pretty soft but the corkscrews were scary. After we saw the North Pole exhibit and saw three seals and a walrus but we only went for the narwal which WASNT EVEN THERE >:( All in all it was a fun day despite the lines and really really hot weather. 

We went home and experienced a mini typhoon, the thunder was extremely loud and the lightening was so close. Right now we’re all just chilling in the common room. 

These days were the usual. I woke up very sick both days. The food was gross, we went to school, got so bored in class and gossiped with the teachers. On day eight, in daycare we did a fashion show where the kids put recycling on me and made me look FAB-U-LUS

The next day at daycare we made sweet dumplings. The lady made special ones for us that were cocoa flavoured and green tea flavoured. Charles has yet to cook them for us. 

For dinner on day eight, we went to revolving sushi. It was SO frikkin good omg. We made our waiter take a funny picture with us, it was so hilare. I went to asia H&M and got some stuff. The next day I wasn’t feeling so well so I just had some watermelon for dinner. I was so exhausted on friday that I slept for 12 hours. 

After my first upside down ride with the clowns… Soft. (Taken with Instagram)